Facing a project from scratch is a challenge that begins with the search for a naming, which will mark the beginning of the commercial strategy and identity of the product. It is the axis of the development of the project so the concept will be the key to determine the path that the brand will ride, its position in the market and the message it will communicate to the consumer.


Marking a clear and defined strategy is the main objective in any project in order to face a successful life in the market. It not only directly affects the identity of the design but also the positioning of the product in the different categories. To determine the sector where the brand will compete and to analyze other brands will be fundamental to achieve a strong impact in the market.


The creation of a brand requires a prior analysis and the development of a strategy that visualizes its future and understands the needs of the market before even the consumer. To pop in front of the competition is achieved by advancing the trends and creating a path that other brands will follow, or achieving a new category or renewing the current category, forcing that way the other brands to update themselves if they don’t want to become obsolete.


In an integral packaging project different disciplines cross to obtain a competitive product. The industrial design, graphic design and the art direction become one, all are related and all are important. They build the identity of the product and its necessary personality to differentiate it from the rest. Especially important is the art direction, because it is the voice with which it’s addressed to the consumer.