Maestra is the new premium beer by Mahou group. A product with a strong flavor and character, influenced by the brewing culture and oriented to a market that is looking for products of higher quality. A global project including Naming, Branding, Packaging and Art Direction. Thanks to the union of these, the result is a product with more classic structure, but with a modern treatment that creates a more contemporary brand, and at the same time conveys the values of the brand and the brewing culture.

Naming & Branding

The project began with the search of naming, a complicated process due to the difficulty of finding a name that reflects the characteristics of the product and above all the values of Mahou, a great company with a lot of beer tradition in our country. Thus, Maestra is an evocative name that brings to your palate all tasting notes of this beer made by Master Brewers. “Maestra” means an expert, understanding, knowing...

Industrial Design

The new proposed identity is inspired by the experience of knowing how to make a good beer. Being backed by the creativity of a great brand like Mahou, which allows building brands with great ease. We rely on the most important thing: The Brewmaster. Thus, Maestra stands out for its perfection and relevance within its genre. It means being an expert. A concept that not only sums up the dedication of the brand to make a good and innovative beer, but also enhances its 125 years of experience.

Art Direction

The Brewmaster is the concept with which we work to develop the communication of “Maestra”. A history of work for the pursuit of perfection, where the art direction plays a fundamental role to convey the dedication to the details of expert hands attending the birth of a new beer.