Ambar Especial is the star beer of La Zaragozana group. A perfectly balanced beer, made with barley and specially selected hops, fermented at low temperature and slowly matured to achieve a perfect body and aroma. A project that required such perfection as the beer itself. Our work was not only based on the redesign of the packaging but also on the brand update. All with a very clear mission, to convey the brand Ambar to the national territory. A market that is transformed at great speed, and to which it is necessary to transmit the values of quality and the brand.


The project implied a total and profound revision of the whole identity. A work of great complexity, since it is a multifaceted brand. Its entity should consist of several formats since it applies to different categories, from the most logical such as the corporate identity to packaging or retails. For that reason, it was important for the brand to be easily applicable and recognizable. And also to be able to assume with guarantees the new challenges of the company.


The redesign of Ambar Especial had the responsibility of presenting itself to the national market, unknown in many cases, with an updated aspect, but to which it was important to maintain its essence and the character that defines it. The new design adds a fresh and renovated look. A label where the white color predominates, which rejuvenates the red and gold colors of the brand, but still giving it that Premium character. By transmitting the quality of the product through a very clean line and although the change is radical, the design completely respects the identity of Amber.