With more than 80 articles of vegetable preserves, El Cultivador is one of the most extensive and recognized Aldi brands for consumers. This number of references made us decide to create a common code to unify all families, maintaining an identity for each of them flexible enough to apply in different materials such as glass, cardboard or paper.


For the logo redesign we developed a stencil type typography specifically for El Cultivador. A style that is inspired by the rural iconography and refers to the boxes used for fruits and vegetables


The creation of a graphic badge, as the initial letter of each product name, was the best solution to achieve simplicity and recognition in such an extensive set. Using different typographic families, associated with the characteristics of each product range, helped us create different identities, fulfilling the premise of the brief to enhance transparency and let the product be seen as much as possible.

Dirección de Arte

In cases where there is no transparency, but the packaging is opaque, the product’s photography is incorporated into the design in a very natural and direct manner, without artifice, sharing the protagonism with the initial letter.